Thursday, December 30, 2010

Lori Ignoranto....I mean Ziganto

Another right-winger has gotten it wrong! Mis-representing the show “No Easy Decision” (this time) is ultra conservative Lori Ziganto, a contributor for Red Of course I'm not surprised that some people don't appreciate what we were trying to accomplish, but I am surprised that I have yet to see one conservative blogger say a single positive thing about our special. Many conservatives and self described “pro-life” people have come to me in person and respectfully explained that while they don't agree with my decision to have had an abortion they think that it is positive to open up the discussion. Without dramatically over-emphasizing the difficulties of having an abortion, I think that “No Easy Decision” succeeded in showing that it can be a hard process. Surely that part of our message is one that the right can agree with. I am proud to know conservative men and women who don't see this as a black-and-white issue and agree that it is never wrong to speak up openly and honestly. It just goes to show that often the loudest voices are the most ignorant, because all the voices I hear online and in the conservative media are polarizing at best and violent at worst. So sad.

Here are some real gems from her odyssey of an article. Even J.R.R. Tolkien would have advised her to trim this epic down a bit.

One of the girls said that wouldn’t have been an option because it wasn’t the baby part that was scary; it was that pregnancy is icky. She had an abortion to avoid pregnancy symptoms. She also spoke of the sacrifices (her word) that she had to make to pay the $750.00 abortion fee. Her prom ticket, for one.”

If you paid attention to the show you would know that Katie made the comment about pregnancy being scary (what woman doesn't think that?) and it was I who had to pay $750 for my abortion. We are not the same person. Also, my sacrifices were many, not just a prom ticket. If that were all I had to sacrifice that would indeed be trivial. Please realize that this segment was about ten minutes long and none of us on the stage were able to discuss every detail of our stories.

They’ve turned college into a need; one can’t meet their twisted ideas of equality without it. They’ve placed a higher value on an increasingly meaningless piece of paper than on life itself and are trying to teach our daughters the same. Plus, why is college a make or break situation? Is a woman somehow lesser if she doesn’t get a college degree? They must think I’m a third class citizen!”

According to the U.S. Census bureau, people with bachelors degrees earn nearly double that of their non college educated counterparts. Anyone who is trying to raise a family knows that minimum wage is simply not enough to live on. Single mothers, of which there would be many more if abortion were not legal, are even more likely to live at or near the poverty line, as women still earn less money than men do on average.

During the panel discussion, Natalia complained about how hard it is to have to “beg a judge for permission to make your own decision”, due to parental consent laws. She did receive a judicial bypass. The reason? She didn’t want to tell her parents and disappoint them. How on earth does that constitute a reason for a judicial bypass of parental consent?

If people like yourself didn't create such a stigma about abortions I wouldn't have felt the need to keep my choice a secret.

This is the mentality the girls have been taught.
Personally I was taught nothing about abortion or the question of morality in regards to this issue before I found out I was pregnant. I had never seen it depicted on a tv show, in a movie or discussed in general unless it was on some sort of political debate show which, let's face it, most teenagers don't watch a lot of and are often just shouting matches anyway. I had not been taught what to think. I knew immediately that it was not the right time for me to become a mother and I have never regretted it for a second. Yes, having the abortion was challenging in some ways, but that does not mean that I feel remorse. The absence of information out there is why I chose to do this show. Perhaps girls will watch our honest discussion and feel less ashamed. Perhaps they will even see that abortion can be difficult and they will decide to do everything in their power to avoid facing that decision in the first place: a reaction I think “pro-life” people would appreciate.

While your journalistic integrity is questionable, your use of phrases like “cuckoo pants” is at least entertaining. Keep it up! Maybe someday you'll be a real writer.

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  1. Burn! Can you link the article? Have you written them to let the author know of their factual mistakes? And why, why, why do people keep thinking that we are the same person?!

  2. The scariest "pregnancy symptom" of all is knowing that you aren't prepared to take on the world's hardest, most important, yet least supported job! I planned for my first child, but even I was shocked beyond belief at how hard parenting was, and how little support there truly is for struggling parents--and how vulnerable POST-BORN children really are.

    Some people are surprised that a mom of two like me feels so passionately about reproductive freedom. My kids have a huge head start in the world because I planned for them--why shouldn't every kid have that? Isn't that a "family value"?

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with the world!

  3. the original URL is now posted and yeah, I made a twitter comment towards the original author. Didn't want to comment on the site she blogs on because that would require me giving my email address.

  4. Thanks for speaking out and for this response! As a young woman, I also made the choice not to continue an unplanned pregnancy and I really appreciate it when others speak out about their experiences in such an honest, straightforward and articulate manner. You were very impressive on the show and on this blog. Best of luck to you!

  5. Would it be okay to murder a boyfriend if you weren't willing to make the lifetime commitment of marriage? I should hope you say no. You are all selfish, evil individuals who chose to murder a child because it wasn't convenient for you to raise one. If you are not ready to care for a child, then quite frankly close your legs. I watched the entire MTV special and was disgusted that they justified and glamorized abortion. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Killing is killing whether it happens at five weeks after conception or 95 weeks after conception. I don't speak on behalf of the author of that article, but I would deduce that she confused you because you are all heartless whores. (Point in case: "!'s" username is not because she is an actual mother, because she chose to terminate that life, most likely because she feels as though she is a sex symbol and should be pined after from the opposite gender with the indentions undoubtedly to fornicate.)

  6. I'm blown away but how intelligent and eloquent you are. I really respect you for the way you carry yourself and for your desire to educate others about abortion. It is however unfortunate that the people who really need to learn the truth, those who judge and call you a killer, are the ones who just wont listen. Keep talking. Don't let them close their ears and shout over you. Keep on keeping on.

  7. Gosh Leslie...if I didn't know better, I'd say you were a pro-choice ringer coming in to expose pro-lifers as the ignorant, woman-hating bullies they are.

  8. They make it too easy, Natalia!