Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Hipocrisy of Anti-Choice Women who have Abortions

What is with the phenomenon of fiercely anti-choice women making exceptions for themselves when they get unexpectedly pregnant?  It's infuriating that they allow themselves access to the same procedure that they would have made illegal for other women.  The following is a link to a series of very brief stories written by physicians about their experience with anti-choice patients.  Some of these women appeared at the very same clinic that their procedure was done to harass the very doctors and staff that had cared for them.  Unbelievable!  If you are holding any hot beverages such as coffee or tea I recommend that you set them down before reading this because if your reaction is anything like mine you will be shaking with anger.


  1. Thank you Natalia, I appreciate very much that you noticed this article, which I wrote 10 years ago but seems as timely as ever.

    I watched the MTV show when it aired and was so pleasantly surprised by its focus on a woman's decision-making process and experience, its accuracy and lack of ideology. Thank you so much for your courage and integrity, it takes guts to speak out and face a hateful anti-choice backlash. They just want to shame and victimize women and we must not allow that. Best wishes to you!

  2. The cynic in me wonders if most pro-lifers are less concerned about the unborn than they are about forcing women to face consequences for what they see as immoral behavior. Therefore if they can rationalize their own behavior, they can see their own abortion as OK.

  3. I think it's ironic how both sides (Pro-Life and Pro-Choice) use words and phrases to show the immoral and misunderstandings of the other. Pro-Lifers say Pro-Abortion or Anti-Life while Pro-Choicers say Anti-Choice.

    After watching the MTV clips, I'm surprised they did not bring on women who made the other choices, keeping the child or giving the baby up for adoption.