Friday, January 7, 2011

"No Easy Decision" discussed on the O'Reilly Factor!

What can I say? At least the man is consistent....consistently a sexist, classist, racist, right-wing extremist.  Okay, enough "ists".  I was very pleasantly surprised that the two female correspondents on this show were more level headed and fair than O'Reilly himself.  Gretchen Carlson referred to "No Easy Decision" as neutral, and Margaret Hoover had similar sentiments.  They reacted the way I had hoped that conservatives would.  Unfortunately I don't have time to give this clip the full review and analysis that it deserves because I have to clean myself up and go to work.  Now if someone would kindly buy me a car so that I didn't have to walk 45 minutes to get to my job I could blog all day, but since I don't see that happening in the near future the following link (and YOUR juicy comments) will have to be enough for today.


  1. Watching almost anything Mr. O'Reilly talks about makes me upset. The man doesn't let anyone finish their opinions on issues that he himself wants to discuss. If the man could just shut up and let the other two women who were a part of the interview voice a little more of their opinions, perhaps he would take a step back and stop thinking hes always right. All I hear when I watch his show is "ME ME ME ME ME" "I'M RIGHT, YOU'RE WRONG" Give it a rest Bill.
    Talking about elbow surgery in comparison to abortion procedures? Maybe he should have done some research and realized that you can even take a pill and not have to be put under anesthesia. Wasn't liposuction supposed to be a safe procedure too, and Kanye's Mom died under the knife? Point being, Dr. Drew wasn't saying in code' It's a really safe procedure, so if you end up getting pregnant, you have NOTHING to worry about'
    Sorry this isn't tying together very well at the moment, I'm in a rush to get to work but had to comment. All of the girls on the show did nothing to promote abortion, but rather express how difficult making that decision and going through with it is. I'm sick of people saying MTV is glorifying everything. Anyone that has actually seen the show 16 and Pregnant knows that it shows how challenging it is to be a teen mom. Not anywhere does it give the message to young girls that having unprotected sex is a good idea. The show makes sure the viewer sees how difficult being pregnant is, the loss of friends, and family drama that can ensue. Then it shows how hard RAISING the kid is, while trying to be a teen parent. Thats IF the mom choose to keep the baby, it even has shown babies put up for adoption, and how hard of a decision that is. Good god people, get your shit straight before you get an opinion .
    Thats all I have time for right now!

  2. The expectation for Bill O'Reilly to put a moderate view on abortion into the discussion is unrealistic, not only because of the viewers he represents, but because of the interests of the people who advertise with his shows.

    One has to ask, "What agenda is Bill furthering by talking about this?" It's not like he watches MTV for entertainment and was disappointed in their coverage of the topic. To me, it looks like the content of the show threatened the power of the stakeholders in the communities that look to up to Bill. These are people who are part of a culture where abortion, independent women, and self-actualized young people are boogeymen, and boogeymen are used to control fear.

    Wouldn't a culture where abortion was glorified be just as horrible as a culture where abortion was demonized? What are Bill O'Reilly and his supporters really concerned about?